Use of Cookies

The website ( uses cookies. Cookies are not used to personally identify users. Their only purpose is to improve the functioning of the website. If you do not agree with the use of cookies and do not confirm your choice, the cookies necessary for the functioning of the website will not load.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files, usually made of letters and numbers, that the visited website will save on your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) with the purpose of recognising the device. The storing of cookies is controlled by the browser – see below: how to remove cookies.

Why Does Our Website Need Cookies?

The main purpose of a cookie is to allow (our) web server to provide the users with personalised websites that make the users’ experience of visiting (our) website more personal and which responds better to users’ individual needs. Cookies make interactions between the users and the website easier and simpler. They help the website remember individual preferences and past experiences, which saves the user time at the next visit, and makes browsing our website more efficient and pleasant.

Why Does Our Website Use Cookies?

Cookies are an important means by which we keep our content fresh and relevant in accordance with the interests and preferences of an individual web user. The reasons behind the use of cookies stem from their characteristics, one of which is to store the data detailing the condition of an individual website. Cookies also help us implement various online services (online stores), and help us collect statistics, because only they enable the monitoring of the frequency of visits to a certain website. Cookies enable the website operators to assess the effectiveness of their website design, as well as the suitability of the types and number of ads that third-party providers show the users on their website.

Our website ( uses cookies to become faster and to improve the user experience, as well as for web analytics.

Strictly necessary cookies
These are the cookies that are strictly necessary for the website to function. These cookies enable online services to work, improve user experience, and do not require consent.

Analytical cookies
These let us recognise and count users, as well as collect data on how the website is being used (e.g. which of the individual sites are visited most often). This helps us improve the way our website works, for example, by making it easier to find what you are looking for.

How to Remove Cookies

You can control or delete cookies directly in your browser. To get more information on how to manage cookies, click on the browser you are using.