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Photo: Jonas Svidras/Unsplash

Photo: Jonas Svidras/Unsplash


Mac cosmetics is a global hit. It offers its users a subscription that helps them to always look absolutely flawless.


Beauty has always been that generous companion of our everyday lives which excites our thoughts and nerve endings, but also stimulates our brains with the challenge of how best to embody it. 

Today, there is a sea of various products available to help us achieve the desired look. It would be easy to drown in it – but not if you swear by known and tested products with tradition and a reputation. The latter undoubtedly include products by MAC Cosmetics (Make-up Art Cosmetics), a company located in the metropolis of fashion and beauty, New York.


MAC sells its products in classic shops and on the digital shelves of its online store, while its American customers can also benefit from the option to subscribe.


The users, mostly women, which include celebrities, fashion icons, artists, and pop stars from all around the world, love MAC because of the quality and long-lasting effects of the products, as well as the wide selection available: from foundation and powders, to eye liners, lip liners, and other face makeup. 

Despite the high quality and popularity, MAC’s products are available for a friendly price, putting them within easy reach of the majority of consumers. 

The products can be bought in the classic MAC stores all around the globe, and in many places they are also available for purchase online, but the USA customers are (for now) the only ones who can choose to subscribe.

Photo: Angelos Michalopoulos/Unsplash

Photo: Angelos Michalopoulos/Unsplash


The service Auto-M∙A∙C offers its users a wide range of options to replenish their stocks of individual makeup products. Depending on how often you run out of products, you can choose an interval between 30 and 120 days, in which you will automatically receive the selected items. The company will charge you for each delivery separately, so you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Auto-M∙A∙C therefore enables its users to automatically replenish their stocks and save time that can be spent on more pleasant and more important activities, instead of being wasted on routine.


The MAC brand is present on the markets of over 120 countries, which is why it can be expected that their subscription model will soon expand outside the USA borders.


The company did not elaborate on the reason for the difference in treatment between their American customers and other users, but we can conclude that it comes as a consequence of the specificities in consumer habits in the USA, compared to the rest of the world, even on the other side of the Atlantic. 

But considering the fast emergence of various subscription packages on the Old Continent, we can quietly expect MAC to eventually expand their business model and offer subscriptions to their products to users in Europe and with that, Slovenia, where their makeup is currently available only in »classic« stores.

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash


MAC is a part of the prestigious cosmetic corporation Estee Lauder Companies, and the popularity of its brand is evident from its presence on the markets of over 120 countries all around the world. 

But the products that are proudly marked as MAC today, became a hit as a result of the frustration felt by the makeup artist and photographer Frank Toskan and the hair salon owner Frank Angelo. The name-sharing duo transformed their dissatisfaction with the lack of makeup that works well in photo shoots, into commercial success. To meet all their needs and demands, they started making their own. 


While most of the cosmetic industry was focusing on skin care, MAC concentrated on colours and consequently cemented its rise to fame.


At first, the two founders worked from their home kitchen, but when the news of their makeup quickly found its way to fashion runways, and more and more stylists, models, photographers, and fashion editors started to swear by their products, their garage, or better still, kitchen business, soon grew into a successful cosmetics company, which was officially established in 1984 in Toronto.

What set them apart was that they aimed for chic in all respects, and that while most of the cosmetics industry was focusing on skin care, they profiled themselves as the indisputable authority in the area of colour. One of their most recognisable colours became the matte red, and the fact that Madonna practically fell in love with that lipstick, helped immensely with its success.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock


Since then, MAC makeup has been synonymous with elegance, and their Auto-M∙A∙C service makes sure that their subscribers will never again need to worry about losing their chic look.