Do not let your car be tyreless ever again

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Why buy tyres if you can let Mobox worry about that for only seven euros a month?


»Convenience and peace of mind« is the slogan and promise of tyre sellers which have recently decided to launch an all-European service, Mobox, offering users the best grip on European roads.

They are determined to push questions such as when do I need to change my tyres, which ones should I choose, and what to do if I have a flat, to the ash heap of history.


Mobox offers life per month without problems with car tyres, for only €7 a month, while users who are willing to pay a few euros extra can even forget about a number of other necessary maintenance and service jobs on their cars.

For a monthly subscription of less than a weekly subscription for a magazine, users can get new premium tyres, have them fitted, and receive a handy text message when it’s time to have them replaced. The package also includes a Mobox warranty, which covers the free repair or replacement of tyres, regardless of whether it’s due to factory errors, reckless driving, or an act of vandalism by a jealous partner.


The basic Mobox subscription covers two 175/65R14 82T tyres, and the price depends on the desired range of services.


The more extensive packages cost a little bit more, even up to €19 a month. However, for good reason, the most extensive package, in addition to the mentioned services, also covers regular tyre inspections, wheel alignment, winter and summer tyre storage, and other services, such as oil changes or air conditioning recharge.

The basic price covers two summer or winter 175/65R14 82T tyres, if you conclude a two-year contract. Tyres with a larger rim or lower profile will cost more, the same as deciding to replace all four tyres simultaneously.

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With all its advantages, this offer is undoubtedly a favourable one, especially if you are not one of those drivers with a lead foot, living to »burn« the rubber on your luxurious cars.

Mobox is a novelty in the subscription market and has been adopted by the majority of tyre giants. Users of their subscription scheme can choose Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental, GoodYear or Michelin tyres.


Mobox is currently available in France and Spain. Users in the latter are charged a slightly higher price.


The pilot project started at the end of 2017 in France, uniting 25 tyre and repair shops. Today, there are hundreds of them. The number of clients quickly exceeded the magical number of one thousand, and the expansion to the Spanish market followed. Now, Mobox designers plan to take over the entire Old Continent.

By using a subscription model which strives to meet customers’ needs, with regard to the number of kilometres travelled or the wear and tear of tyres, the tyre-making industry is actually using its old tricks from the arsenal of business models. Just that these were previously predominantly focused on logistics.

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»We sell truck tyres on a usage basis, and companies pay based on mileage. We sell aeroplane tyres based on the number of landings,« said Eric Chaniot, chief digital officer at global tyre maker, Michelin, in one of his interviews. Now, they’ve added the subscription economy as the cherry on the top.

Tyre manufacturers have come to realise that ordinary consumers want a similar offer. They have adapted to economic and social change, which has caused consumers’ attention to shift from products to services. Consequently, you will soon not have to worry about when to put new tyres on your car and which ones to choose.