A new tech toy every two months

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For as little as twenty pounds a month, PC World Upgrade Anytime will open the door to the world of the newest electronic devices.


You just bought a new laptop, light, elegant, just what you wanted. Of course it was not cheap. But after about a year of use, you’re starting to notice that the time spent staring at the loading screen is getting longer and longer. Your favourite games have become too much for the device to handle, and you are secretly considering buying a new one. Trust us, we feel your pain. But now there is a solution. 

Do you want a new laptop after only a few months? Did you buy a new smart TV exactly when the new 4K technology entered the market, but you couldn't afford it then? Why wait a few years for the telly to – heaven forbid! – break, when you could simply return the old model and enjoy the amazing image quality of the newest OLED 4K television?

Photo: Jens Kreuter/Unsplash

Photo: Jens Kreuter/Unsplash


With the British retailer, PC World, swapping devices is the simplest thing in the world. Did you miscalculate your latest tech toy »purchase«? After just a few months you can return it and get the one you really wanted. You simply must have the newest thing the makers of tablets and laptops have to offer? Piece of cake – it’s always within reach, for as little as twenty pounds a month.

PC World allows its customers to stay abreast of technological progress with the help of their Upgrade Anytime plan. Even after only two months.


Upgrade Anytime is intended primarily for those who want constant access to the newest devices the market has to offer.


Upgrade Anytime is a two-year lease, tailored to the user. At a PC world shop, customers pick out a personal computer, laptop, tablet, or smart TV with a value of 250 to 6000 pounds. Before they leave the shop with the desired product, they have to pay a part of the purchase price, and the rest is divided into 24 equal payments.

PC World's plan works much the same way as leasing a car, the most popular type of this service in Slovenia; the customers never really own the equipment for which they are paying the monthly fees. They are the lessees or subscribers to a service providing extreme flexibility and access to the newest technological devices. All for a price that doesn’t cost much more than what they would pay to buy.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock


How PC World Upgrade Anytime works is best illustrated with two examples.

First, you pick a laptop with a value of 500 pounds. In the store, you pay 44.72 pounds, and then 22.36 pounds each month. After a year – or sooner, but let’s go with a year – you no longer like your device and you want a more powerful one. You simply return the old laptop to the store (early upgrade will cost you an extra 129.33 pounds) and conclude a new 24-month agreement. If the new laptop costs 1000 pounds, you will have to initially pay 89.44 pounds in the store, after which you will pay 44.72 pounds per month.

Let's take the first example as a basis for the second, except in this case you are happy with your laptop and use it for the full two years. After that period, you have two options. If you like it so much you want to keep it, it can be yours for four additional monthly payments, so just over 67 pounds. Or you can return it and conclude a new 24-month lease. In that case, PC World will return 15 percent of the value of your initial purchase, which in this example amounts to 75 pounds, enough to put a deposit down to lease a new gadget with a price tag of over 800 pounds.


You lease the tech toy you want from PC World by paying a part of the purchase price, and the rest is divided into 24 monthly payments. Plus an extra four, if you want to keep the product.


Who would be best served by Upgrade Anytime? Anyone who started calculating the costs must have realised that the buyers overpay for the new electronic device, but in exchange for that, they get access to the newest electronic devices that come on the market. It might not be your mum’s first pick, but your tech-savvy friends would jump at the opportunity.

Life per month has never rubbed shoulders with technological progress in quite the same way.