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At the ShoeDazzle online store, they have prepared a personalised selection of shoes for their members, which are available to them at a significantly lower price.


How to store more shoes in a wardrobe every month is not necessarily only the problem of the former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos, who once said that she absolutely doesn't have 3000 pairs of shoes in her collection, as people claimed, but »only« 1600.

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Members of the ShoeDazzle online store and their VIP membership package could find themselves in the same predicament, since the package provides the opportunity to buy as many pairs of shoes as they want, at significantly reduced prices each month.

It is not known if Kim Kardashian had the same problem with storage space when she co-founded ShoeDazzle in 2009, although it is not a secret that she has donated at least a thousand pairs of shoes from her wardrobe. In any case, she started this business path thinking about all the girls in the US and Canada who want to regularly pamper themselves with shopping and love to follow fashion trends.


The monthly subscription fee is $39.95, but in reality, it’s credit for purchases from the ShoeDazzle online store.


But Kim Kardashian went even a step further. Together with partners, she didn’t open yet another store with a diverse selection of shoes. She gave girls an opportunity to experience life per month, a subscription principle previously unknown to fashion-conscious consumers. If subscribers become VIP members, the prices are significantly (even up to 90%) lower than they would be otherwise. The delivery is free, and the ShoeDazzle team pays even more attention to their desires and needs.

In fact, they want to get to know every girl. Well, not directly, but rather their taste in shoes, handbags and jewellery. When you register on their website, they guide you through a survey.  They check, for example, which shoes in the selected photos you would choose to dance all night in, which pair of black stilettos best illustrates your style, or which of Beyoncé's items you would like to wear, etc.


The selected answers give the virtual stylist, which is a kind of sophisticated computer algorithm, enough tangible data to know which footwear suits the individual customer most. Based on the selected preferences, the algorithm builds your personal profile to prepare a personalised collection from the selection. Every month, the offer is prepared by guest fashion designers or Hollywood celebrities.

A special feature of the ShoeDazzle subscription is that between the 1st and the 5th day of each month, all members of their VIP Club can choose to freeze their subscription for that month. There is nothing stopping you doing this several times in a row.


The ShoeDazzle subscription is currently only available to shoe lovers in the US and Canada.


However, if you don’t »skip« a month and dive into shoe shopping, they deduct $39.95 from your account the following day. But this amount is in fact a credit that you can use at any time when shopping in their store.

Moreover, for each dollar spent, a VIP member receives 25 points, which are then converted into a discount that she can use with any purchase. For example, 2,500 points collected bring her an additional 20% discount.

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Photo: Shutterstock


ShoeDazzle members can purchase whatever the algorithm suggested to them, or they can browse through an entire selection of at least a thousand pairs of shoes. It’s probably wise to start thinking about where to install additional shelves for all those new pairs.