Only the best subscription is good enough for your dog

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Photo: Shutterstock creates special, nutritionally-balanced meals for dogs, which will make both the owners and their pets happy.


Cooper is a Fox Red Labrador. If he could speak, he would certainly say that his greatest ambition is to catch his own tail, and if he got really comfortable, he might admit that he sometimes daydreams of being a cat. Because he cannot speak, we cannot hope for a lengthy conversation about his habits, future, and motivations, but he obviously can often make himself heard and clearly understood. For example, Cooper will never say no to food. He’ll eat practically anything.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock


His owners are happy he’s not picky, but that might bring its own set of issues when he starts gnawing on things he's not really supposed to. Until recently, the usual cajoling was unsuccessful, but once they turned to, they started seeing results.

On the website of the same name, Cooper’s owners first filled in the questionnaire, which helped them better introduce their pet and his canine characteristics. Once that was submitted, it was read by animal nutritionists, who are supported by veterinarians and computer algorithm writers, who together insist that no two dogs are alike, and therefore cannot be served the same meal.


They prepare special, tailor-made food for each dog, along with treats, and the monthly fee is equally personalised, ranging on average between 10 and 30 pounds.


At the same time, the founders of know that the approximately 8.5 million furry friends on the British isles eat about 1.1 billion pounds (or 1.2 billion euros) worth of food, and that the fastest growing part of the dog food industry is the currently niche segment focusing precisely on an animal’s individual characteristics, which include their age, breed, and potential health issues. According to, dogs deserve only the best, which is an opinion most dog owners share.

Each month, the company prepares over four million meals for over 100,000 dogs across Great Britain. Be it Cooper, Monty, or Millie, they each get a specially-prepared food mix, along with treats, all beneficial to their digestion, mental development, and immune system. If necessary, the food can also be hypo-allergenic, without any of the usual allergens such as beef, soy, wheat, or eggs, and it always aims to be diverse and interesting for your pet.




Their goal is to provide a balanced amount of protein, fats, fibres, and carbohydrates for dogs of all ages. The price reflects the ingredients: it differs from dog to dog, but it mostly ranges between 10 and 30 pounds (from 11 to 33 euros) a month.

The staff at have been delivering packages to pet owners’ homes since 2014, but for now, they only ring the doorbells of those who live in the United Kingdom and on the Isle of Man. The first two meals are free and the only cost is postage and packaging, after which the users can subscribe and follow the principles of life per month for as long as they please. If they decide they would like to change a part of the order, that can be done quickly, and the same goes for cancelling the subscription.


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Cooper, who like all other dogs receives the package addressed to his name (only reasonable, they were created for him), is said to be pleased, as are his owners. Very soon, cats will also be able to enjoy carefully-selected treats. Your friend Simba, for example.