A subscription to keep you up at night

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Slovenia’s Jumping Goat Coffee is a subscription for coffee connoisseurs. The only question is, how much do you need to make the pleasure last the month?


It’s a coincidence that goats came to be linked with coffee. Kaldi was an Ethiopian goat herder. The story goes that to his surprise he found his entire herd awake and jumping around at night. The goats were evidently kept awake by the red fruits they had eaten from the unknown bush. Would it have the same effect on him, helping him to stay awake for his evening prayers? Of course it did.

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Photo: Shutterstock


There may not be any evidence that the legend is true, but it clearly illustrates the effects that have made coffee one of the world’s most popular beverages. Even today, goats continue to crop up in relation to coffee, including for instance in the form of Jumping Goat Coffee, which offers coffee subscriptions.

Jumping Goat Coffee was created by Jelka Loparič and Rok Štibler. A former dental assistant and a former veterinarian, respectively, Jelka and Rok have always loved good coffee, eventually deciding to abandon the medical sector and open a coffee shop in Maribor. In March 2019, they took the next step, making it their mission to spread the taste and aroma of good coffee even further, all over Europe.


With a Jumping Goat Coffee subscription, you get fresh beans delivered monthly to your door – specialty coffees from carefully selected roasters.


Along with delicious coffee, the Jumping Goat Coffee subscription also brings you information on the entire process of making coffee, from planting and cultivating to harvesting, sorting and roasting the beans. Each subscriber receives a booklet with information on various ways to prepare the reinvigorating beverage, and each monthly package includes a coffee-related gift.

People who sign up for this type of life per month are already aware that they won’t be delivered the type of coffee available in supermarkets; rather, they will receive specialty coffee which scores 80 or above on a 100-point scale before it is put on the market. This type of coffee never comes close to an industrial plant. It is processed by renowned independent roasters working closely with the growers.


For instance, in the first month, Jelka and Rok collaborated with last year’s world roasting champion, Square Mile Coffee Roasters, which packages its coffee in 350 g bags. This means that the first subscribers got an extra 100 g for their money. As a rule, the monthly package contains 250 g of coffee – or more.

The Jumping Goat Coffee business model is a bit different from the well-established MistoBox in the US. Every month, Jelka and Rok introduce the guest roaster, wait until the end of the month for new subscribers, order the packages from the roaster, and send out the coffee.


At Jumping Goat Coffee, they are sure that you will fall in love with their coffee at first sip.


If you feel 250 g is not enough to last you the whole month, you can order two or three bags. One monthly bag costs €17, two bags are €32, while three come in at €45. Delivery is €3 for Slovenia and €5 for any address in Europe, but shipping is free for subscribers in Slovenia who order the 500 g or 750 g package.

A Jumping Goat Coffee subscription brings to your door a monthly bag of freshly roasted coffee beans, ready to be ground and used in a cezve or moka pot, an espresso machine, or even for cold brew coffee.

Photo: Jumping Goat Coffee

Photo: Jumping Goat Coffee


In any case, be prepared for love at first sip, the moment you lift the cup to your lips. Who knows, you might even end up jumping around merrily like a goat!