This is a subscription your dog cannot run away from

Photo: Tractive

Photo: Tractive


With Tractive, you will always keep your pet in sight, regardless of how far they wander off.


Your dog might be a wanderer, but even if they are a couch potato, you really cannot keep tabs on them at all times. A lead helps, but it does not work miracles. As its reach is not that long, Tractive is here to help.

Photo: Tractive

Photo: Tractive


Their tracker lets you know where your pet is at all times, in which part of your home or garden, in the neighbourhood, or even across the world if you left without them on an exotic holiday.

In order to track them at all times, your dog (or cat) must have the tracker attached to their collar and you need to set up a subscription with Tractive.


Tractive works in over 150 countries worldwide.


There are several options for the subscription plan, and you can even choose the contract period. The basic monthly package when joining their subscription economy model is €7.99 and the two-year upgraded Premium package costs a total of €99.90 or €4.16 per month. In addition to the subscription, you also have to buy the tracker at €49.99.

Regardless of which package you choose, Tractive offers live GPS tracking of your pet via a mobile phone application, and if you wish, continually notifies you of where they are. The location is updated every two to three seconds, so that you can keep up with your dog at all times.


You can also set the application to send you a sound notification and »tug at your sleeve« if your furry friend goes further than anticipated.

The upgraded programme includes an additional range of services. Subscribers can access the location history of all of their dog’s rambles, which they can export in different formats and share with other users.


Tractive will cost you from €3.75 to €7.99 per month, depending on which subscription plan you choose.


You can be sure that the device never rests. It tracks your furry friend all day long, in over 150 countries worldwide.

When designing the product, the Austrian company Tractive also took into consideration that pets usually do not mind the weather when going for a stroll. They have therefore made sure that the device is waterproof.

Photo: Tractive

Photo: Tractive


However, you might still want to take it off occasionally. If not sooner, when it is time to change the battery. Or, it might occur to you that the dog feels good if their owner turns a blind eye every now and then, and lets them off the lead to go off on their little shenanigans.