Premium kids’ fashion in a subscription box

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Walmart and Kidbox are offering subscription to kids’ clothes and combining premium brands with major savings.


Does shopping for your kids take too much time and energy, not even to mention the enormous expense for clothes which your offspring grow out of or rip?

The American retailer Walmart has listened to the similar problems of parents, and partnered with subscription-based children’s clothing start-up Kidbox to offer their customers personalised, curated boxes of children’s clothing on a seasonal basis.

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Their box of four to five fashion items costs $48, and includes clothes from fashion brands such as Butter Super Soft, C&C California, Puma, BCBG, and others. Its price is approximately 50% off retail, says Walmart.

The box, which they called Walmart KIDBOX, can be ordered online, which ensures customers the exclusive price. It is actually also available directly at the Kidbox website, but it costs double there – $98. Their box, however, holds more items than the Walmart box, i.e. from six to seven.


Walmart KIDBOX designers do their best to continually adapt its content to the wishes and tastes of you and your children.


In both cases, the service follows a similar principle. In order to meet your child’s wishes, you first take a short and rather imaginative quiz. You do not only choose the size and style, as Kidbox stylists specifically want to know which pieces of clothing to avoid and which colours not to include in the package.

They will also ask about your child’s character and about the occasion for which the majority of the clothes in the package will be worn. Your answers will be used to carefully select the clothes that best suit your child’s taste, while also being adapted to their needs, activities, and the season.


As it can nevertheless happen that you are not satisfied with an individual item, Kidbox follows the »pay only for what you keep« principle. This means that you can exchange or return any items that do not suit you. They charge you for the box seven days after receipt.

Clothes, from printed T-shirts and sweaters to trousers and dresses, are available for boys up to 16 years old, for girls up to 14, and for babies. The assurance that the box contents are truly in trend with the latest fashion, means that there is an exceptional range of premium brands to choose from: the Walmart subscription brings together over 120 premium brands, and the direct subscription from Kidbox more than 160.

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A few days after buying the subscription, the first box will arrive, and the others (five a year) will follow in accordance with their names: Spring, Summer, Back to School, Autumn, and Winter. You can also skip a box, no additional explanation necessary.

The Walmart Kidbox subscription also has a charitable note. Every box you buy is a contribution to the better tomorrow of children whose parents cannot afford to buy them clothes. In partnership with Delivering Good, Kidbox dedicates a part of the money for clothes for children in need. Their goal is to distribute new clothes to over one million children in need.


Kidbox currently delivers only to US customers, but wishes to expand its service to other countries.


A Kidbox subscription does not only get you out of crowded stores and the nervous trying on of clothes in dressing rooms, but also allows you to do something good for those who cannot afford it.

And what is even more precious: it allows you to get what you and your child value the most - time spent together.